Anna Sylvester, artist and illustrator began her career in eastern Australia at an early age when, as soon as she was able to hold a brush, she 'helped' with the backgrounds of her mother's paintings. From those oils, to crayons, to pencils, to markers or acrylic it never seemed to matter as long as she could create. Inspired by long childhood days in the country when imagination was one's only companion and there truly could be no better friend than a dog--persuaded that some of life's sweetest delights can be found in simplicity, she delights in a world of her own making. Motivated by the unadulterated pleasure of creativity, her whimsical pieces are meant to elicit a smile, "I don't not measure success by money or fame rather, if I can have left the world a happier place--even for just a moment--then I will have truly succeeded." Anna and her husband live in the beautiful Okanogan Valley where they have been blessed to raise their three children and some of the finest cherries and apples Washington State has to offer.